• Mike is a hard worker and is dedicated to getting a project done exactly how a client wants it. He works day and night to keep his business running successfully, and to keep on top of his many clients. He has many years of experience in web design, however his forte at this point is project management, and the implementation of advanced project management systems. I would recommend Mike for large corporation web design jobs because of his ability to get a lot of great work done in a short amount of time.  - Website Design Client Brian W.

  • “Mike is very experienced in all things web-related, he's super friendly, has a great attitude and has a lot of innovative ideas that contribute to the success and growth of many companies. He's going to do well wherever he goes.”

    - Web Design Client Ashley B.

  • "His all-round knowledge of the internet, and the technologies behind the web are superb. I am yet to find someone that has as much determination and enthusiasm- to make my site work well- as this guy."

    - Website Design Client Adam G.

  • “It was a pleasure working with Mike. Not only was he reliable, but he sought to enhance the organization with fundraising and other ideas. I would highly recommend working with this individual in any capacity. He is creative, resourceful and highly versatile."

    - Website Design Client Nick Y.

  • “Mike does quality work on deadline and on budget. He is an expert in Joomla! Web Design Services, and setup our website with a Content Management Systerm.  He's a personable guy and easy to work with. I recommend Mike for any Development project.”

    - Website Design Client - Larry G.

  • “Mike has provided quick and reliable service consulting with us on some Joomla! sites. Great job!”

    - Bob Morse - Morse Media

  • "Mike does not only just possess sound knowledge of several programs - he is an analyst and a mentor, and you can approach him pretty much any time of the day, with any question you have in mind."

  • Cloud.com

    This Silicon Valley startup was acquired by Citrix in July, 2011 only weeks after the launch of their Joomla! 1.5 corporate website, massive scalability is an absolute must for a business that embraces open source and orchestration of fault-tolerant computing. 


  • CloudStack.org

    Migrated from a Drupal community website to Joomla!, this software community and forum has over 5200 users and is growing every day.  This community is the primary source for downloading free software that changes the game when it comes to server virtualization.


  • HumboldtCoffee.com

    A gourmet coffee roaster in Northern California has been utilizing open source software for ecommerce purposes since 2008 and is focused on maintaining a fully integrated order fulfilment system.  Vertualize has provided several years of end to end infrastructure, continuous development, maintenance, and marketing services.


  • SMDP.com

    Open source cloud computing platform for building and managing private and public cloud infrastructure. Massively scalable. Customer proven. Brutally efficient IT.


  • CottonMouthSmokeShop.ca

    A well known retail tobacco and accessory store in Vancouver Canada, this simple one page website showcases brings a small store to life on the web.


  • GeneDrop.com

    GeneDrop is a cloud based DNA data warehouseing and processing system that gives researcher access to open source infrastructure, while still in stealth mode the San Francsico based research team is affliated with several universities and pharmiceutical enterprises.


  • LeslieSeminars.com

    A state government approved system for continuing education units is the main focus of this custom Joomla! system.  This website is for webinars, online courses, and scheduling of live courses taught by medial industry instructors.


  • Pacific.edu

    University of the Pacific required a unique solution from various CMS vendors. 18,500 disparate websites were migrated into a unified proprietary CMS.  Our CEO managed the online directory, the homepage, and all pages within 2 clicks of the homepage as a full time student and part time consultant for the Marketing and University Relations Department.


  • TacosPorFavor.net

    Open source cloud computing platform for building and managing private and public cloud infrastructure. Massively scalable. Customer proven. Brutally efficient IT.


  • Gemstyle.com

    This business provides a scalable system allows entrepreneurs to start their own business selling items from a direct order catalog, the website is an information center and gives the business owners and place to share ideas and stories using the latest Joomla! software.


  • AngloDiamond.com

    The Anglo Diamond Group in Las Vegas, NV has several vertical business models that make use of open source software in order to promote their exclusive offerings of fine jewelry and to allow their customers to connect in a community.


  • FranksReelReviews.com

    Film reviews, smokin' hot movie opinions, juicy Hollywood death stories, and other cinema related banter and repartee since 2002.  Solutions for promoting current releases and scalable engagement systems for massive user traffic spikes.


  • Waddill.com

    Open source cloud computing platform for building and managing private and public cloud infrastructure. Massively scalable. Customer proven. Brutally efficient IT.


  • Tigerrowing.org

    Pacific Rowing is housed as an organization within the division of Student Life at the University of the Pacific (UOP). Pacific Crew is Pacific's intercollegiate competitive rowing program.


  • 3fficientenergy.com

    Since 1994, 3fficientenergy has provided the delivery of Sustainable Solutions for clients, including Greener Buildings, Cleaner Energy, and Smarter Grids.



  • compartimos.info

    Dynamic website for the translation of websites from English to Spanish and vice versa.


  • Micmidas.com

    Website showcasing the many talents of Mike Goldstein, a songwriter, sound designer, and engineer operating out of Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Savannah.


  • Mywebapps.com

    Since March 2012, MyWebApps constantly maintains communication with extension authors on the availability of over 600 extension updates and researches all available extensions for every client.



  • SouthbayBEC.org

    Online showcase of the many services of the Southbay Business and Entrepreneur Center.


  • Thewestcoastclassics.com

    The online showfloor of West Coast Classics cars. A dynamic one-stop California Classic Car dealer specializing in antique and classic cars.


  • wedding-faire.com

    A customized exhibitors directory for all your wedding needs.


  • Allen-Temple.org

    Allen Temple Baptist Church was organized in 1919 in Oakland, CA . Throughout its history, the church has served as a bright beacon of faith, hope, and love beyond its four walls.


  • xen.org

    The Xen hypervisor is a powerful open source industry standard for virtualization. Xen offers a powerful, efficient, and secure feature set for virtualization of x86, x86_64, IA64, ARM, and other CPU architectures.

    xen logo


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